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"Rockin' in the USA!"

Cast-make sure you know which group you're in!
Spangles BLUE:  Brennan, Campbell, Clara, Emily W, Hallie, Jorgia, Madison C, Madison M, Margaret Allen, Mary Virginia, Molly, Neala, Shields
Spangles RED: Abigail, Alexa Grace, Ava, Avery, Emma, Emily G, Lainey, Lilly,Lotte, Lynlie, Margaret Mason, Mary Emily, Sadie
Stripes: Canaan, Drew, Jackson, Joseph, Peyton, Mathis, Miles, Moses, Nate, Riley, Sawyer, Trey
Stars: Amelia, Ashby, Ella C, Ella P, Gracie, Hannah, Kate, Lauren, Mae, McKlane, Morgan, Rachel G, Rachel S, Stella
Freedom BLUE: Ainsley, Alli, Ansley, Berkley, Brie, Catherine, Coco, Eliza, Emma Katherine, Hallie, Maddie, Sarah
Freedom RED: 
 Abbie, Adrienne, Alyssa, Anna Marie, Bekah, Bennett, Cathryn, Clayton, Elizabeth, Ellie, Emma Grace, Lauren, Lillie
Spirit: Abby P, Anna Claire, Ansley, Brooke, Corynne, Emily G, Emma F, Emma G, Gracie, Harper,
Isabella, Izzy, Julia, Katie, Mae, Mary, Mary Katherine, McKenzie, Natalie, Sally Grace
Glory: Abby M, Abby R, Amanda, Amelia, AK, Caroline,  Elizabeth, Faith, Haleigh, Ivey, Kaleigh, Olivia, McKenzie, Molly, Rachel, Rebecca, Morgan
USA: Alexander, Braden, Bobby, Cole, Daniel, David, John Mathen, Jonah, Sam, Timothy, Tyler
Yankee Doodle (melody) Alex, AK, Amanda, Bobby, Braden, Caroline, Jonah, McKenzie, Morgan, Rebecca
Yankee Doodle (bass) Daniel, David, John Mathen, Sam, Tim
Yankee Doodle (tenor) Abby R, Cole, Elizabeth, Ivey, Molly, Olivia, Tyler
Yankee Doodle (alto) Abby M, Amelia, Faith, Haleigh, Kaleigh, Rachel

Music page-listen to the first 3 songs and all the songs for your group! 
(High School boys, notice that you change groups once.)

Lyrics page has all the songs in alphabetical order.

Details and helpful info right here

Camp dates: Monday, July 6th - Saturday, July 11th, from 9:00 - 2:00. (Saturday shorter - TBA)
Monday, July 13th - Wednesday, July 15th from 9:00 - 2:00 camp.
Thursday, July 16th 9:00-2:00 dress rehearsal at the theatre.
Friday, July 17th 9:00-12:00ish dress rehearsal at the theatre.

Shows: Friday, July 17th 7:00 pm, Saturday, July 18th 10:30 am or 2:30 pm TBA, Saturday, July 18th 7 pm

 Location: Camp-Briarwood Church, Choir Room. (where auditions were held)
Dress rehearsal and performances-The Barbara B. Barker Fine Arts Center at Briarwood High School on Hwy119.

1. Camp attendance is mandatory. If a child is sick and misses rehearsal, they may be pulled out of the numbers learned in their absence, depending on how far along we are in that number. If a student chooses to miss a rehearsal for anything other than an emergency or sickness, they will be excused from camp without refund.

Morning devotions are a high point of the day! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of camp each day and be ready to begin by 9:00.

Please dress modestly and appropriately for choreography. If girls wear loose fitting shorts they need to wear bike shorts, tights, or leggings underneath. Be wise in choosing printed tshirts.

A problem with disobedience or disrespect will result in dismissal without refund. (In 16 years I have NEVER had to do this!)

If you have any problems or concerns please speak with me! (Tammy Moore) I want to help you resolve any issues before they grow!Thank you for entrusting your precious children to me. We always have an absolute blast together and it is the best part of my year!

If you have any questions you can always reach  me at
















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